Relax it’s not a do or die situation


Off late it seems working late & over stretching has become a part and parcel of almost every work place. Things may be different at few places but FEW only. This appears to be holding at least is what I have seen in last 12 years in two metros with my other colleagues, counterparts and friends.

Some may agree while others might not. But I call it extreme dedication, which is not worth it at times. I have seen a determined colleague in earlier organization, when even though closest of his family member was hospitalized he was at office. His son was hospitalised. Reason: Since he had committed for something to his manager, he has to fulfil that commitment. No doubt a person like him would be asset to any corporate. My only question is what about the commitment we have towards our closest family members when we can’t be with them when needed the most.

Forget about anybody else, one needs take care of himself or herself. I see sometimes that the person is unwell but doesn’t have time to rest, eat food on time or see a doctor. It’s surprising that sometimes we defy the simple logic of life. If health (read both physical and mental) is there you can do everything you want to. No doubt there is a lot of competition in whatever you want to achieve today and for that reason you have to take that extra step. But doing that at cost of health might become counterproductive after sometime. Think long term. Short term will be taken care of.

The organization you work with will not come to standstill if you eat food on time, leave for home on time some days, take a leave which you are entitled to when unwell, prioritize between commitments for family in medical emergencies vs work commitments which are important but can wait in these type of emergencies.

In my opinion unless it’s the question of call of duty to save someone’s life ( read doctors, nurses, fireman) or protecting nation ( Army, police); rest other things can wait. It’s not a do or die situation there.

So unless you are among the above two categories rest all things can wait. At times it makes tremendous sense to stick to simple age old rules and principles. Make your choices wisely in life.


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