It is ok to ask if you don’t know

Certain things in life rarely change, no matter which stage we are in. Whether we are at school, college or work; the hesitation to whether ask a question or not remains most of the times.

I am sure lot of us would have faced ourselves or know someone in a situation, when we would be wanting to know more or clarify something, but just for the fear of being made fun of or fear of making the other person angry; that particular question or doubt would have remained inside us only.

Take for instance the time in school or college. Different thoughts come in mind before we ask. Teacher might get angry. Fellow students might think I am fool. I should have asked this question earlier. But you know what. No matter whether the above or similar outcomes happen or not; if you ask, few good things would have surely happened-

  • One this thing would be out from your mind.
  • Two it would have helped build your confidence to learn from your experience of asking.
  • Third you would have cleared your doubt as well as done good for lot of others. Most of the times you would actually find that others might also be wanting to ask that same thing but this hesitation or fear would have not let them do it.
  • Fourth ultimately the question would be on understanding something. If you don’t ask you then you will not understand that. You never know that particular history, geography, science, equation or whatever you wanted to ask may crop up later in life when you might then wish that you had asked it that time.


Or take the case of our work lives. It’s not much different here as well. It’s ok if you don’t understand something and ask your colleagues or manger on how to do it, even if it’s a basic thing. That’s true that today in this fast paced world you are expected to do and learn on your own on most of things. So the reaction which you might get when you ask might not be encouraging always, and can be disappointing at times. You can decide to find your path yourself by working hard etc.

Good that’s the spirit, but remember, this as well is going to take time which may be reasonable time period in some occasions while not in others. You won’t be spoon-fed on what and how exactly to do the things but you can always learn how to hold the spoon or prepare the food or what are the basis essential ingredients for the food from experts who are already there. What would really make difference for you and all would be the fact that you can add value on this learning and share it with others once you have done that.

Life is all about learning and implementing things. In the process we need learn from others as well as share the knowledge. And the most important link of all is that we need ask. Unless you ask you will not know. So don’t hesitate in case you do have a question.


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