Everybody needs a break

No matter what stage of life you are in and what you are doing, each of us needs a break.

Break from doing the regular that we are doing. The break may not necessarily be in form of holiday or vacation, but if you can take it in that form nothing like it. It should really be something which let’s your mind relax.

Before that let’s understand the reason why it is required. Although most of us know it but as certain things needs to be told even if we know it, so sharing my views on that.

There could be multiple rationales. Top 3 which I feel are:
1. We all need rest.
2. It nurtures our mind.
3. It helps improve productivity.

The world won’t stop if you take a break of couple of minutes in a day or couple of days in a year. But that time which would just be yours & would help you immensely to give the needed rest your body and mind needs. This in turn will give you a fresh mind-set which helps improve productivity with this renewed energy.

Most of us are busy in our busy lives meeting the challenges of the complicated world we all live in. We rarely get time. How to take this break?

Stealing 10 mins away from your daily schedule would be difficult at first. But if you view this 10 mins as important in your life as other aspects like brushing, eating and working; surely you will be able to make it. Spend those 10 minutes just being you, may be in a park or your bathroom or sipping coffee. May be just remain in silence, meditate, write, read, listen to music or just don’t do anything.

source: pixabay
source: pixabay

You sure can’t read and write much in this 10 mins but isn’t it better starting to do it rather than not doing at all.

Some of us may be of the view that they don’t need or can’t take break. Just try it once and see the difference.