Choice or No Choice

Have you come across a situation when you wished not having a choice would have been a better? That it would have helped you in decision making. Actually no decision but going by what is available. 
On a lighter note it comes almost every time when one has to decide on what to cook for the meal. Believe me it’s a difficult task in itself for those incharge of this activity. 
It was a difficult choice choosing between which of the three colleges to join with each offering a strong proposition. It was luckily easy on deciding whether or not to go for higher education after college or postpone it. There was no choice & I was clear that I wanted to start working immediately & be independent. So it kept on going & time passed. 
Then came the time when I entered the phase of motherhood. Some companies give only the minimum statutory leaves while some beyond that. I happened to be lucky to be one falling in the second group giving me longer time to spend with my baby. And then as the time to re-join was approaching closer, I was in two minds whether to join back the workforce or not. 
At that juncture I did have the choice to may be postpone the joining a little further or continuing work. Deciding between career, childcare economics in current time and being with this little angel & be present to witness the interesting days & activities when they are growing up. It would have been  easier if there was no choice especially this difficult decision which all the mothers have to make.
Sometimes it’s difficult to decide when you have choices available.

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