Room with a view

It’s a common practice that we insist on room with a good outside view while booking hotel/stay. When not insisting most of the times we wish for it . Even though we may be staying in the room for limited time and would mostly be out; getting a good view from room adds to our happiness. 

Well I keep doing it . That makes my holidays memorable . Good scenery outside sets the tone for my day . And have been lucky to get it most of the times. 

I didn’t get it in my last trip previous month . So I was in this beautiful city famous for its river & bridges.  But inspite of booking in a hotel located on bank of the river could not get room with the view. What I could see from my room Was view of glass wall of another hotel.

But next day morning while sipping tea sitting on the window balcony an interesting glimpse caught my attention. I could see the reflection of the bridge & river on this glass wall & it looked beautiful . The view was spectacular & covered a wide stretch of scenery which would otherwise be not available even on rooms directly overlooking river.

So sometimes it’s not what it looks on face of it. If you pay a little more attention , there are beautiful  things to be explored from a different perspective . Our lives are also like this . Things may not be happening in the ideal way we wish for. But if we look at them from different perspective then may find that there can be more than one ideal ways which could be better than the one we thought was ideal.