I know it but still I don’t do it

I know I need to exercise but still I just don’t make time for this . Why ? Inspite of knowing that it is important but still this one doesn’t get the priority in the list of things I am doing .


We need to eat food on time & sleep on time . But I don’t do it & know of a lot of people who don’t do it . Why ? Inspite of knowing it will have long term repercussions we still don’t do it .


There is no logical reasoning for this . We all are pressed for time & have multiple things to do. What really is happening out there is we are postponing some things which are not having immediate repercussions. What we are not realizing is that the long term repercussions of the others would be on your health which we are ignoring as of now .


It’s high time we start thinking long term .


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