Break the door if needed

Today we live in a world where there is no right or wrong in a number of things. Something which I might consider to be right might contradict with the belief of others.

Last week put me in a strange situation. I ended being a part of something which made me uncomfortable as to me it was wrong. But majority had taken the decision which was shared with me after I had expressed my disagreement to the proposed action.

They had their point of view and I had mine. Could I have done something more to avoid this conflict?

In life, we take some decisions keeping in mind the interest of majority. But if some actions does not match with our value system or thought process,  we need go beyond just expressing our view. We need to take firm stand on what we believe in, else these incidents will keep on becoming a lifetime baggage.

So, break the door if needed be; if you feel that what is on other side of door is not what your life values or thoughts align with.




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