The beginning makes the difference

 Whether it is starting your day or your career ; how you start makes a lot of difference in a postive way .

If your morning has started well; there is a positive mindset which goes a long way in how you take your overall day. What happens is not in your control but how you handle it makes the difference .

Similarly if you are able to land up a strong platform to start with in the beginning of your career . It gives you an impactful start . This experience , network & brand goes a long way in shaping your career in the long run .

Having said the above I don’t mean say that if things don’t start good , the rest will also be not good. But if certain things are in your control , exercise that control .

So how to do that . Landing job opportunity in the most sought after company is in not in your control. There are multiple considerations basis which any candidate is hired . But making choice among available options is in your control. So choose the one where you Foresee long term impact.

How you start the day is in your control to a great extent . Begin the day with activities which bring in positive vibes – like spending few minutes in nature , planning your day , prayer, making your bed, reading something which you enjoy , exercise or walk , meditation .

I have taken up one activity from above in the last two days . Not sure how long will it go . But it was important to get started first . You need begin somewhere .




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