All battles are not worth fighting


Today one of my team member received an email response from another colleague which was quite upsetting. I knew it was not his fault and he was trying to fix something important which was somehow not appreciated by this colleague.

This reminded me a similar situation I had faced four years back. I was taken aback by a similar  email. I replied to it justifying my part and then it kept on going and going. I was also hurt that why my Manager is not responding to it.

I asked him. He taught me a very important thing that day. He said we choose our own battles and we need not fight all of it. Sometimes it’s better to ignore and move on instead of putting your mind and time at stake for things which are not worth it.

He asked me should he write something back on the email response. I told him he can write if he feels like and I will support him.  But I also told him that in my view this is not worth his time & I will take care of this situation as a whole is avoided in future.

I understood the real meaning of what my manager tried to tell me that time today. So All battles are not worth fighting. You choose which one is important to you and is worth your time.


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