When you really want to do something it happens

So last week when I was travelling I wanted to take this ferry ride which was close to my hotel . But then it was quite late when I returned back previous night & waking early seemed difficult . I parked this thought of going till I get up in the morning, actually telling myself that this one happening seems difficult. Also I was trying to tell myself that since I am not too sure of how this thing works in a location new to me its fine if it doesn’t happen.

Incidentally the wake up call in the morning came as a blessing. Initially I felt really bad on missing on one opportunity to rest. But as they say alls well which ends well.

The fear of not knowing how to do things ( in this case taking a ferry ride alone in a new country) doesn’t matter actually when you really want to do something . So this was one of it . I read, enquired from the hotel staff & figured it out to the extent I could & rest I was prepared to handle .

This is a small incident & may not seem relevant if I just look into the complexity or rather simplicity of the thing. But as a person it made me realize that if you believe in something & take the initial steps; rest will fall in place . You gotta believe that .