Do we need like everything we do ?

“It’s important to like what you are doing”, is a common saying. The logic is if you like something, you put your full heart into it and the outcome is better and satisfying as against when you don’t like it.

But honestly real daily lives might not give you this choice on everything you do.  Life’s not always about the options you want but it is exercising option from available choices. At times those options are not the ones you would have ever wanted.


So what do you do?

You may or may not get everything you like. And it’s okay. What is important is that you have at least something which you like doing. And that liking should be strong enough to balance the other ones and help you manage them, the ones which you don’t like.

We face this Let’s take two cases of  student life and work life.

When you are studying: You may not like all the subjects, few classmates or faculty or few activities which you have to do in your school/ college, because of some reasons. You may have some choices to take up a particular subject, attend a particular class, and be part of certain activities. Some may be compulsorily part of curriculum or course which you have to do whether you like it or not.

When you are working: It may be the role or profile which you would have chosen in anticipation of something which in reality may turn out different. Or you couldn’t find the work of our choice. Your and your organizations goals are different. You had to take up the job due to certain circumstances or situations. In all these or similar situations you have to find your key motivation/ area of interest which you help you reach your goal.

In both:

What is important is that in the overall things, either you have or you create a sense of interest, motivation and likeness towards some of these.  The ultimate decision is on whether these “some” are strong enough to help you tide over the rest of challenges in terms of dealing with areas you don’t like. In case the answer is no, then it would make sense you spend some time and look for other alternatives. Change the subject or course, identify areas which are bothering you, try talk to people, start afresh without any pre notions.

I can understand that it’s easier said than done. Sometimes there are in fact no choices only on face of it. Then you need think deeper again. Something will come out. If it doesn’t then you need look beyond these options and chart a new territory either at that moment or put a timeline so that it keeps you motivated.