When in doubt always ask

Considering that the question we may have may sound naïve or trivial, we don’t ask it. It happens with me a number of times. It seems it happens with lot others also.

In life and in most of the things today majority of it cannot be in absolute black and white, but what helps is knowing which side it is headed.

So today I had a discussion. Before that I had prepared myself to finally ask this question which I was holding back for long. When I finally asked, then it brought an important clarification for me as well as the person from whom I had sought this. Prior to this there was always a sense of mismatch in the expectation and deliverable. And I was afraid on bringing this conversation.

Now finally the way it got sorted out, it reinforces the point that when in doubt always ask, no matter how small or big the point under consideration is.


Urgent vs Urgent

Everything which comes these days is urgent only required as of yesterday. Why is that? Is it competition or is it faulty planning. Or is it that the real meaning of urgency is lost and every task needs to be done as soon as it’s identified.

Mobile and emails was once the enabler of meeting the urgencies and emergencies. But when every second thing starts falling in that category this looses its relevance and meaning.


Receiving hundreds of emails and about half century of phone calls or messages everyday has become a norm for a higher proportion of people. Where does it leave us?

Email is no longer a desktop or laptop thing. It’s configured on phone and you keep on receiving alerts on real time.

How much it helps in addressing the real urgent situations is a big question?

Old saying that judicious use of every resource holds a lot of relevance in current situation.

I also have not been able to escape it but have done below:

  • Switched off email alerts on mobile. If something is really urgent, it would be called for rather than email. It also helps avoid the distraction which comes every second.
  • Attend the emails at specified intervals rather than as and when received while working on laptop or desktop.

Emails and Mobile is just one example. We see so much burnout and rush in most of the execution of tasks no matter which domain it is. People working late hours, weekends etc.

Time to rethink how we define and address urgent.