Are we trying too hard?

You need to excel.  You need to give your best to what you do. If you really want to do something, you need to go the extra mile to achieve it. You need make sacrifices to achieve your dreams. No pain no gain.

We have heard or been told this a number of times starting from school time to almost every time post that.

And we do it and keep on trying doing it. Sometimes trying too hard to do it.

Are we taking too many things too seriously?  Have we stopped experiencing the moments in life and have become machines to deliver numbers or expectations again and again.

So basically whatever we say, we all end up thinking and doing short term even if we know it what matters is long term. And most of us do it. Trying too hard. I did it till very recently till yesterday.

But then I realized that one very important thing was being impacted in this quest to excel and trying hard. Our actions do have impact just not us but others as well. Either in personal life or work life. It’s difficult to stay solo or in silo.

So, if we look at the bigger picture the impact is just not on us but all others directly indirectly associated with us.

It’s not just about winning but a win which brings joy and happiness for all involved rather than a burnout.

There is a thin line between giving up and taking a short break to rethink & review. So it’s okay to take a quick break sometimes and trying hard is not helping. Give a new perspective to things when are back after the break.


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