It’s not a step but entire process

Last 50 decades saw the shift from the practice of a person being jack of all trades making way for specialists. Specialists brought in focus on the skills, accountability and final goods or service delivery. So a banker traditionally used to handled entire customer experience from first visit to disbursement to final repayment. Now, from cold calling to document collection to credit evaluation, documentation, disbursement, servicing and… Continue reading It’s not a step but entire process


CREDIT SERIES-6- MIS-match in numbers

Numbers if don’t match there is a story to be uncovered. Other key number to look at other than financials is the regular MIS in form of stock, book debt statement and creditors statement. Listing some common practises which helped understand the business better and identify signs which helped decision- Compare the difference between the… Continue reading CREDIT SERIES-6- MIS-match in numbers