Do you share in office?

Today I was telling my 3 year old a story to make her understand SHARING of things.

  • I was telling her how it can be so much fun if she and her cousin will share their toys. Both can have more fun and more options to play with.
  • Similarly in the story one kid doesn’t want to share his colours with his friend. The reason being if his colors are broken and not taken care of. So I was telling her that if we take anything from someone we should take care of that and not break or spoil it. So we need to be careful while using it. And also reciprocate the same gesture when the other person needs it.
  • And then when this kid finally agreed to share his colors, it brought so much happiness to the other one when he could color and make a nice painting which came out really well. So the joys we can spread when we share.

This is the age when they have lot of questions on each and everything you tell them. She asked me if I do sharing in my office. As of now for her what matters is that her parents go to work in morning and they do activities like her including colouring  in office.

We teach our kids about sharing. It’s equally relevant for us in life and how we work. How much of sharing and collaboration do we truly do in work (leaving behind the team work or assignment which we have to)? And how much do we just not do for the fear of competition. 


Competition is good as it is expected to bring out the best and motivate people to improve and deliver better. But collaboration on core problem areas will help bring out the better for everyone operating therein. We see some glimpse of it when businesses come together as a part of industry member on change in certain rules/ regulations etc.

Collaborating/ Helping/Cooperating/ sharing – whatever word we use to describe it. It will help bring out the best practises on how we work and solutions to common issues.