I forgot GOOD things

There comes some situations which makes me think again and again on reason why something happened. Obviously those are during the instances which makes feel uncomfortable or unhappy. The ones in which there is no discomfort, at times are forgotten.

In life’s journey we experience the challenges which may not always be exciting . But what helps enjoy this journey in fullest is when along with these challenges, a track of good things that happened is also kept, which are mostly forgotten and are never felt grateful for .

I was always feeling overwhelmed on certain things bringing me down. In all that pressure and negativity I forgot about the amazing things which were happening.

Over the period I learnt that we all undergo similar challenges all throughout life. Each of us face that. Some of these happen sooner in one’s life and some of these happen later. The interesting thing is that we all can benefit out of this timing difference and help each other as well as benefit out of each others experiences. And more importantly appreciating the things which are there with us and happened to us.

So last week  I  decided that I need to reflect every day  and be thankful for whatever small or big thing which made me feel happy /brought positiveness/ helped me.

So here it starts:


Nov 16: holiday letting me spend the day with family. Some of us have holiday on Saturday and some don’t.

Nov 17: opportunity of good afternoon nap.

Nov 18: being able to stay closer to parents.

Nov 19: another professional sparing time and sharing knowledge.

Nov 20: parents full support for taking care of my child which lets me pursue my career.

Nov 21: reached office just before the traffic mess.

I will keep on updating this post everyday and at the same time calling for others who would want to add anything which they experienced and made them feel happy in their day.

Nov 22:  for the amazing dinner prepared by mother.

Nov 23: Amazed by the little girl at children’s musuem taking initiative for climate control  and inspiring us.

Nov 24: finally finding the key , without which would have to break the drawer .

Nov 25: being able to drop off daughter to school .

Nov 26: another mom sparing time to share her experience on schooling.

Nov 27: being able to take time out for Health.

Nov 28: little kid took the medicine and holding strong.

Nov 29: for unexpected masala idlis in morning by mom.

Nov 30: clear guidance and instruction from the staff guarding the security at a departmental store . Totally unexpected.

Dec 01: parents continuous love and care even when we forget and are indifferent at time .

Dec 02: that the parcel got delivered without hassle which I was worried about the earlier day.

Dec 03: that daughter and I could do an activity together .
Dec 04: that the auto driver was calm and didnt complain on the very bad traffic it was.
Dec 05: friend getting a fav food in lunch.
Dec 06: Other stakeholder finding time and sitting through a long discussion on solving the problem.
Dec 07: Safe Drinking water

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