Race to ‘-1’ Day 362

Imagine in the normal tomorrow of role reversal for those having received option 2 where GARBAGE which is not less, needs to be handled.

Hope you found something useful watching the 5 minutes of  Sillu Karupatti or “The rich, the poor and the trash”

We would have seen in reality also. Felt concerned. Shared our views but what next? What can we do as one individual?

But in this role reversal imaginary tomorrow we are catering to one individual only so we can try and see if we can do something.

Can we TRY to try ?


Day 362: Let’s Begin. Talking is easy. Doing is also easy when we get started.

Link to previous day-

Day 365 : Role Reversal

Day 364 : Making the Choice

Day 363 : Netflix and YouTube break


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