Race to ‘-1’ : Day 360

Imagine in the normal tomorrow of role reversal for those having received option 2 where GARBAGE which is not less, needs to be handled.

If you have got ideas on what to reduce or what is repeating; its action time now of one individual and one end user for 21 days.

If not yet found let me share what is generally found. Around 50% of that pertains to kitchen waste:

  • Cooked and Good
  • Cooked and not Good
  • Uncooked and spoiled
  • Uncooked and not spoiled

Feel free to write back if you found something different.


Day 360: Let’s Begin. Talking is easy. Doing is also easy when we get started.

Link to previous day-

Day 365 : Role Reversal

Day 364 : Making the Choice

Day 363 : Netflix and YouTube break

Day 362 : One individual

Day 361: Click-Repeat-Reduce- 3 days


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