Race to ‘-1’ : Day 358 -WEEKLY RECAP

It’s been a week since I started writing this series. Let me now share the thought behind ‘-1’.

Race to ‘-1’ is a 365 day journey towards a better tomorrow. This can be done with either Reducing/Reusing/Recycling/Rot.

One step, which can be made into a daily habit. Less is more, at least to get the process started.

Lot has already been said and written in last 3 months on the relationship of our past actions and nature’s reaction in present

Among health, safety, food and utilities, one critical aspect which has played a silent role is by Garbage collectors and disposal infrastructure- Waste Management.

This 365 day journey to ‘-1’, the route planning is in making.

I invite you, to join this journey with me and see which ‘-1’ you can adopt ? 

For those who missed the last week’s series, below captures those 7 days:

Day 358NewA

Day 358NewB



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