Race to ‘-1’ : Day 356 -FIRST STEP

Do we really care about a Better Tomorrow? 

Most of us would say yes but then do nothing about it.

We are so much engrossed in daily living that we hardly give any thought in making this world a better place.
Isn’t it ironic, that we expect all the comforts and convenience in future but are not willing to do our bit for this.

That’s something to really think about.  The lockdown provided me some time to introspect on my role to make a better tomorrow.

When I really thought about it , I took my first step towards “Better Tomorrow”.

I focussed on how to use each resource optimally so that waste is reduced.

The more I started reading, understanding and implementing; I realized that every single step makes a lot of difference.

As a start. A small survey was conducted to understand on practices and priority placed on the concept of “zero waste” across few friends and acquaintances. I will share the key insights tomorrow.

In some way if you too believe in being part of Better Tomorrow series, please do contribute by participating in another survey and  share your thoughts on the subject 

Below is the link, takes less than a minute.


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