Which 18% you want to be?

Race to -1 : Day 355 ( Link to previous Day-

Small survey on “zero waste” done brings the below insights:

  • 86% respondents felt strongly on adopting #zerowaste.
  • Ranked it 8 or higher on a scale of 1-10.
  • Paper- reduced use & recycling came as common form of #wastereduction practiced followed by no to plastic.
  • 60% know about #composting, 18% practice.
  • 13% respondents actively involved in practicing #zerowaste, 50% doing it in some or other way and another 18% know about it but do not practice currently.

In some way if you too believe in being part of Better Tomorrow series, please do contribute by participating in another survey and  share your thoughts on the subject. Below is the link, takes less than a minute.


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