Does food require so much thought?

Race to ‘-1’ : Day 352

Ramya came to city to meet her friend.

In the city she saw how easy it was to order any food delivered online and it was delivered at home- be it cooked or uncooked.

At the same time she saw that it was a normal for people to leave the food half finished in their plates. Ramya wondered unless the bad was not edible, what could be the reason that when so many children had to suffer malnutrition and many people hunger; how was it so convenient for people to just throw the cooked edible food.

She asked her friend who said it’s okay, there’s plenty. But will this plenty continue forever. And are we realizing the real cost of air, water and land contamination which we are taking for granted.

Hard work and the effort of the entire community which brings it to us the growers ( facing the risk of both drought and floods) to all in supply chain.

And finally where does all this waste end up in – dustbin>>> Garbage Collection >> Either composting or Landfill or lost & mixed in transit.

If there is so much at stake then how can we think about wasting any cooked food.

What should Ramya tell her friend ?

Hunger    I    Malnutrition I Health

Drought   I    Flood

Agricommunity  I Supply chain

Wastage   I Resources   I  Water    I   Landfills


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