Which of below image we want to see again?

Picture 1: What is a landfill everyone must have known and seen. Most look similar to below:

landfill-879437_1920 (1)source : Image by Pasi Mäenpää from Pixabay

Picture 2: How it looks near our homes if we are lucky to be far far away from a landfill :

garbage-4597233_1920 (1)source : Image by zibik from Pixabay

Picture 3: Do you know some simple steps by each of us can make it like below :

sea-162617_1920 (1)source: Image by Max Heckmann from Pixabay

So which one would you continue with and which one should you continue with :

  • Would
  • Should

In case you would like to be have image 3 whether, watch this space for simple steps which you can take to make that happen.

Race to -1 : Day 351

Link to previous day :




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