What different Cities in India did to handle the waste?

Last post didn’t have images we would want to see. But at the same time the problem on managing the garbage and ever increasing city waste is a problem we all know.

However, there are also some bright spots exhibited by some cities which tells us again that it is difficult but it is possible with collective efforts.

Ambikapur, Indore and Panchgani have after years of efforts has reached 100% waste segregation with Ambikapur being a zero landfill city. Two of these are very small cities to say but then we can begin by focussing on areas we live in.

These cities made this possible with :

  • Waste segregation at household or bulk generator level into three broad categories.
  • Training programs on segregation and composting.
  • Waste collection and disposal through SHG with infrastructure support by way of tippers / other transportation modes with compartments to ensure that segregated waste continues segregated by the time it reaches for processing.
  • User fee collection
  • Instead of waste going to landfills- wet waste used for composting, biogas etc , plastic waste for cement/ road and others segregated and sold to different user segments.
  • Active participation of elected representatives, religious/ non-religious leaders, community based organizations, general public.
  • Perspective of waste changed to everyone’s responsibility and waste to be used as a resource.

Race to ‘-1’ : Day 350

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