The truth of land and water, Did you know?

Even though rules say every household needs to segregate waste but there are a states where segregation is 0%-99%. The reason could be on account of not being aware or willing. Let me address the first part on awareness.

waste bins

Image by TIm S from Pixabay


Key to tackling waste all across is the first simple step of #segregation of waste.  Some cities have mandated & have fines to specifically follow rules (primarily wet waste, dry waste and hazardous waste) and in some citizens took proactive steps and got it done.

It was hard to appreciate the impact of this when it initially started years back in my city. It was quite later that I understood that this makes a lot of difference in #environmental impact and our #health on how each of these is handled.

So when waste is not segregated then this is what happens ?

  • Ground/River water contamination from the leachate discharge at landfills (we actually drink that after filtering)
  • Foul smell for those close to the landfills
  • Unstable weather for all
  • Dumpyard fires for all
  • More diseases for all

And if we segregate it makes handling it easier and along with avoiding above outcomes, waste is converted to resources, livelihood and a #bettertomorrow:

  • Wet waste can be composted which is the alternative for fertilizers.
  • Some cities ( and also individual households) generate biogas from wet waste.
  • Dry waste which includes paper, plastic, glass, metal etc can be recycled.

So is the choice is easy ? Segregate or mix.

Race to ‘-1’ : Day 349

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