Have you collected this black gold ?

After you start segregating waste into the three broad categories- wet, dry and hazardous ( some cities and countries do it in multiple types, lets first start with three broad ones), second simple step is handle the wet waste at our homes. Completely under our control either by:

  • DIY methods. ( Lot of online information available. Will share the information and links of top 3 which I found useful). I am not a process or user expert in it but I had one major concern before starting this which was the fear of odour. Let me assure that if you are keeping it covered and follow the right mix of greens ( uncooked fruit and vegetable waste which provide nitrogen) and browns ( dry leaves, paper, cardboard, saw dust, soil etc which provide oxygen) ; then you need not worry on it. In general ratio of 1 of Green and 2-3 of brown is suggested for good composting as well as no odour.
  • Composter providers. (They provide options where you can even process cooked food waste and need not worry about collecting browns. I will list down the names in my next post and relevant links.)

This is what is the end result whichever method we prefer- the #BLACKGOLD, better and  sustainable tomorrow.


Image by Joke vander Leij from Pixabay

Incase the above is not possible due to space constraints or other constraints within the house there are two things:

  • Doing composting at society level (This is start sooner if not home composting , so its time we at least start the process).
  • Try using the app sharewaste ( mostly its users are overseas but it can be used by anyone anywhere).

So are you ready to pick 1 of the 4 ?

Race to ‘-1’ : Day 348

Link to previous day :


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