Creating Black Gold ( Part 1 of 3)

Yes, it can be done in an apartment without disturbing your neighbours. There are many online tutorials, blogs and videos available on this. Below are my top 3 choices which I found useful. In case you have been planning for a long time and do it by yourself, so this is where you can get started with

#Gardenup as well as some common FAQ and troubleshooting.
#Vani Murthy and ingredients clearly defined, by the compost queen.
#UrbanGardening with composting process it shows progress/ changes over the timeline.
get started small

Image by M. Maggs from Pixabay

Also listing down common terms which you may hear :

Greens: This is what we are trying to convert into the black gold and avoid going out of our house in garbage. These are all the fruit/vegetable peels and cores including any uncooked rotten fruit/vegetable. As a beginner cooked food is generally avoided to be added in the process to avoid odour and attracting ants or other pests.

Browns: This is mostly dry leaves or little soil which you can get from any garden or from below trees around you. Cardboard and paper in shredded or small pieces can also be added, but its better to recycle them for some other uses.

Accelerator:  These can be things available in your home like curd,  butter milk  or jaggery or one which can be procured by searching for composting accelerator on

Race to ‘-1’ : Day 347

Link to previous day :


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