Vipassana Experience: All perishable, Live in NOW

I had tried doing meditation maybe 100 times till March 2021 but more than 10000 thoughts used to occupy the mind. But yes #meditation calmed me in spite of those 10000 different things trying to take the centre stage.

After going through some major events in 2020, I was looking for something life-changing to Declutter my mind and start afresh. Reality -there is no such thing but there are tools and avenues which help.

I got the chance to attend #Vipassana at #DhammaVipula, Belapur , Navi Mumbai . So for anyone thinking about attending #Vipassana, some key pointers –
1. The 10-day course may not make a drastic change on the 11th day but if you are able to practice it post-attending even if not regular you will definitely see the difference. The first course you do will be like the pre-primary of your journey to understanding self and life.
2. Even though you go for a meditation course that is FREE ( you have the opportunity to give back monetarily or non-monetarily after you have completed it) , it gives you all the comfortable stay and food minus dinner. Those worrying about missing dinner, most likely will not.
3. Nothing is permanent. Neither Happiness nor Pain. Everything changes, everything is perishable; including our breath which would be the key focus all throughout.
4. For those with any condition – either requiring dinner or seating on a chair etc, can be requested. We had a mix of 20-65 year age group with two expecting mothers as well, all completed their 10 days course. Thanks
4. Enrolling at multiple centers is permitted, but once selected at one, you need to cancel other applications.
5. You will be required to reach a day before the course starts say Day 0. Day 1- Day 3 is when you practice Aana Paana meditation which is observing your breathing and preparing you for the Vipassana which starts on Day 4. Day 4- Day 9 is Vipassana where you also get the opportunity to practice in Pagoda Chambers. Day 10 is when you are allowed to speak with your fellow participants ( other days no communication except with the teacher and management ) and also the day when you practice Metta Bhav. This was a different experience as well as the key highlight for me as this day is like a healing day they call it. I call it the day you try to leave the baggage you are carrying against anyone as this day you practice seeking goodness for those you feel were not good to you.

After 16 months, I still get 10000 thoughts but I also am able to meditate, focus , respond and feel better for a longer duration. The 10000 thoughts now occupy 65 percent of my meditation time as against 95 percent earlier.

Good Luck to anyone planning to do Vipassana. Thanks to all managing this course and centers and continuing the legacy of #Shri S N Goenka who started it.


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