CREDIT SERIES-1- Numbers are numbers

Case I- Compare peer profitability and understand  leverage This was one of the key auto ancillary player. Fantastic profitability and excellent rating. I was doing a research on the margins across the value chain in this industry few years back. Even the most niche and sophisticated product in auto ancillary chain was not making the… Continue reading CREDIT SERIES-1- Numbers are numbers


Credit Series- Introduction

Spending 13 years in similar domain can be boring or can be interesting. So here I will be sharing some interesting observations I came across in this period. To start with these are the points I came across while doing credit/ risk assessment over this period. For those not part of BFSI, these are the… Continue reading Credit Series- Introduction


Outsourcing- Yesterdays core, Today’s non-core

15 years back I started my first assignment with a company which used to help lenders- Banks and HFC’s outsource their activity on collections and recoveries so that they can focus on their core activities. Not all organizations had dedicated collections and recovery team at that time and the ones which had, didn’t had the… Continue reading Outsourcing- Yesterdays core, Today’s non-core


Money Talks- Part 7- Mutual Funds

In this post I will cover the Mutual funds (MF) : -          What they are? -          Broad Types. -          How we can do it ? Mutual Fund combines the features of shares ( stock/ equity instruments) and debt instruments (debentures/Bonds/Any other fixed income investments).  So it gives the option to us to invest in a… Continue reading Money Talks- Part 7- Mutual Funds


Money Talks- Part 6- EPF and PPF

Provident Fund is another common investment option but used interchangeably for EPF and PPF.  Both are similar in few aspects but not same. EPF stands for employee provident fund and is applicable for salaried individuals. PPF stand for Public Provident fund which anyone can put investment into. Both are long term investment options and offer… Continue reading Money Talks- Part 6- EPF and PPF


Money Talks- Part 5

So after having understood the need of investment, post tax return and risk return taking ability during different life stages, lets now understand different investment options. Let’s start with fixed return investments ie Fixed Deposit (FDR) and Recurring deposit (RD). Both offer fixed Rate of interest (ROI). So one knows well in advance what is… Continue reading Money Talks- Part 5