I forgot GOOD things

There comes some situations which makes me think again and again on reason why something happened. Obviously those are during the instances which makes feel uncomfortable or unhappy. The ones in which there is no discomfort, at times are forgotten.

In life’s journey we experience the challenges which may not always be exciting . But what helps enjoy this journey in fullest is when along with these challenges, a track of good things that happened is also kept, which are mostly forgotten and are never felt grateful for .

I was always feeling overwhelmed on certain things bringing me down. In all that pressure and negativity I forgot about the amazing things which were happening.

Over the period I learnt that we all undergo similar challenges all throughout life. Each of us face that. Some of these happen sooner in one’s life and some of these happen later. The interesting thing is that we all can benefit out of this timing difference and help each other as well as benefit out of each others experiences. And more importantly appreciating the things which are there with us and happened to us.

So last week  I  decided that I need to reflect every day  and be thankful for whatever small or big thing which made me feel happy /brought positiveness/ helped me.

So here it starts:


Nov 16: Holiday on Saturday letting me spend the day with family.

Nov 17: Sunday afternoon nap.

Nov 18: Parents staying close by.

Nov 19: Another professional sparing time and sharing knowledge.

Nov 20: Parents full support for taking care of my child which lets me pursue my career.

Nov 21: Reached office just before the traffic mess.

I will keep on updating this post everyday starting Nov 21 and at the same time calling for others who would want to add anything which they experienced and/or which made them feel happy in their day. Feel free to write in comments or directly email me at preety_cbs@yahoo.co.in.

Nov 22:  Amazing dinner prepared by mother.

Nov 23:  School student at children’s museum taking initiative for climate control  and inspiring us.

Nov 24: Finally finding the key , without which would have to break the drawer .

Nov 25: Being able to drop off daughter to school .

Nov 26: Another mom sparing time to share her experience on schooling.

Nov 27: Being able to take time out for Health.

Nov 28: Little kid took the medicine and holding strong.

Nov 29: For yummy masala idlis in morning by mom.

Nov 30: Clear guidance and instruction from the security staff  at a departmental store .

Dec 01: Parents continuous love and care even when we forget and are indifferent at time .

Dec 02: Parcel got delivered without hassle which I was worried.

Dec 03:  Daughter and I could do an activity together .
Dec 04:  Auto driver was calm and didn’t complain on the very bad traffic it was.
Dec 05: Friend getting a fav food in lunch.
Dec 06: Other stakeholder finding time and sitting through a long discussion on solving the problem.
Dec 07: Safe Drinking water

Dec 08 : Kid not waking me up on weekend morning.

Dec 09: Being able to finish one task targeted for the day

Dec 10: For the trainer for his valuable inputs and guidance on situations.

Dec 11: Doctor for quick response on emergency.

Dec 12: Good night sleep, thanks  to mother for taking care of the kid.

Dec 13: Parents  taking care on their own.

Dec 14: Store people who helped close on things quickly.

Dec 15: Finally boat play time with D today .

Dec 16: Amazing work done by team members in bringing out some very important pointers.

Dec 17: Prompt response by an old colleague on an urgent matter

Dec 18: Evening walk.

Dec 19: Productive day with some closures done.

Dec 20: Nice pasta and Friday night

Dec 21: Teacher carried daughter when she was not willing to go to school for practice.

Dec 22: D slept before time to be ready for sports day esp when she was unwell.

Dec 23: People picking up the call and responding on a critical week ahead before close of quarter.

Dec 24: Team staying back on a festive day to pull up some last minute things.

Dec 25: Memorable Christmas Day and get together after D.

Dec 26: Mother keeping things ready for us.

Dec 27: Thanks to co-worker who voluntarily helped out for period when I was on leave .

Dec 28: Mother and brother taking care of sick D when I was not there.

Dec 29: D felt better and we didnt have to cancel the trip.

Dec 30: Hotel staff who without even us telling them proactively arranged food for daughter

Dec 31: Driver  helping us find some emergency things we required and then coming all the way back to hotel to give it to us when we forgot that in the car .

Jan 01: People who work on new year day esp where the job involves interacting with a lot of people with smiles on their face . Spl eating joints , transportation providers , medical providers .

Jan 02: Beautiful view of orange and black fishes in water clearly visible from above the bridge to the Dzong which brought smile and happiness for me and D.

Jan 03: He completed his trek of Tiger Nest and I & D caught on a four hour much needed sleep.

Jan 04: Amazing time spent at the riverside watching D & her father having their moment of collecting pebbles and throwing them in water.

Jan 05: Friend and friend of friend who saved from the outcome of wrong dates booked with hotel.

Jan 06: Courage and stamina of D to remain playful after a three and a half hour flight and another one and a half  hour on road traffic and still happy & excited to be back home.

Jan 07: Chance to restart a critical aspect on parenting with  a new perspective.

Jan 08: Happy day well spent with bonus of an hour of afternoon nap.

Jan 09: her teacher for the understanding.

Jan 10: First run after a long time .

Jan 11: Moment of happiness she brings even when unwell.

Jan 12: She ate and stayed up in celebration inspire of ill health.
Jan 13: He could stay back and look after her while I was at work and mother was unwell .



Positive * Positive  = Great Day

Morning started a bit hurried for me. Had forgot to put alarm & had slept late in night . So got up late . Rushed to get ready . Somehow managed to do that in time. Cab also booked . Was showing 10 mins waiting which was fine considering I was getting time to have breakfast . 

There was traffic & vehicle finally arrived after 35 minutes . The moment I opened the door of vehicle the driver greeted me apologised for delay & expressed his concern that I might have got late. This was a welcome surprise . I was little frustrated & worried . But then it just changed . 

The time till I reached my office was a different journey today inspite of traffic on the way . 

He enquired about why a particular building I stay in is named that . Then he shared his experience of taking a customer to a particular bungalow & why it was named so. 

Then he  shared that he started ola/Uber two months back & that his mother also prefers Ola / Uber . The reason why he thinks people / prefer this mode. 

He had views on almost everything you could imagine . Today’s generation, we adopting western culture & western culture adopting our things . The politics & the progress & bottlenecks . 

good day
source : pixabay

I spent 1.5 hours on a trip which normally takes 45 mins. But it was one such day where I was not complaining because of this amazing experience . 

These are some of the rare people who are themselves positive & engaging and spread this to people around them . 


Small pockets of satisfaction 

Is right or  is it wrong to dream ? To think sky is the limit and thus have expectations .  It’s true that if we can manage our expectations well everything else falls in place. But aren’t these two extremes . On one side imagination without boundaries is encouraged & on other we are indirectly restricting  the imagination . 

So there was this phase of life which based on some preconceptions was expected to be the best of the times. But somehow events did not turn that way. In fact it happened to be full of unanticipated challenges . And everything seemed difficult & cluttered. Trying was not helping much . Finally it had to stop somewhere. 

So there came this intervention in form of a push from certain tasks I was required to mandatorily do . And this mandatory task forced me to relook at the challenges which was long needed. I realised that lot of things in this was unnecessarily bothering me because (a). I had kept expectations too high (b). It’s important to forgive & forget to move on in life (c). What is crucial is to get things moving, instead to trying to do many things.

The last point was the hero of this new journey . It made me  take up one at a time manageable tasks . Where it helped was the satisfaction on something has started moving & happening for the good . It helped lessen the clutter thus helping think with broader perspective


So today when I look back , circumstances hasn’t changed much . But these small pockets of satisfaction has brought a new dimension to life which is positive & fulfilling. 



Positivity which daylight brings is amazing. It could be the beginning of the day, when you wake up with the daylight seen from your room’s window or sipping your tea or coffee in your room with sunbeams falling on the walls.  Or when you get a chance to enjoy the daylight when returning home from work.

This is something difficult to describe but we all know the worth of that experience.

So the reason I was made to think about this today was because of the place I happened to be sitting in the office today. For last 2 months I have been shuffling between three offices. There is a reason for that , but that’s  not what I want to emphasize. Sometimes I was seated in the middle of office, sometimes near the door, sometimes facing the wall.

Today it was near the glass window with sunshine falling on my desk. I am sure the work productivity today was much better. More than that it made me feel quite good from within.

So this was the daylight magic I experienced today. Hope to have more of these kind of positive daylight lights in coming times.





Happy series I

Some experiences make you feel great and always brings smile whenever you remember them. This is one of those.

So it was a hot sunny day. I was waiting for the cab with my little girl. Once the vehicle arrived and when the driver saw me with the baby, he immediately got down from the vehicle.

Opened the doors and after we were inside placed the sunshades on the window and asked if we were comfortable.

He drove smoothly ensuring no sudden jerks. But then we got stuck in a bad traffic. My girl got restless and started crying. He asked if music will soothe the little one and started the radio.

Finally we reached home.

Although completely tired and exhausted after a kinda long day, hot weather and bad traffic; but how this person helped make the ride smoother for my girl brought a big smile.

Thanks to this helpful and understanding soul.