Sunshine from the window

Positivity which daylight brings is amazing. It could be the beginning of the day, when you wake up with the daylight seen from your room’s window or sipping your tea or coffee in your room with sunbeams falling on the walls.  Or when you get a chance to enjoy the daylight when returning home from work.

This is something difficult to describe but we all know the worth of that experience.

So the reason I was made to think about this today was because of the place I happened to be sitting in the office today. For last 2 months I have been shuffling between three offices. There is a reason for that , but that’s  not what I want to emphasize. Sometimes I was seated in the middle of office, sometimes near the door, sometimes facing the wall.

Today it was near the glass window with sunshine falling on my desk. I am sure the work productivity today was much better. More than that it made me feel quite good from within.

So this was the daylight magic I experienced today. Hope to have more of these kind of positive daylight lights in coming times.





Happy series I

Some experiences make you feel great and always brings smile whenever you remember them. This is one of those.

So it was a hot sunny day. I was waiting for the cab with my little girl. Once the vehicle arrived and when the driver saw me with the baby, he immediately got down from the vehicle.

Opened the doors and after we were inside placed the sunshades on the window and asked if we were comfortable.

He drove smoothly ensuring no sudden jerks. But then we got stuck in a bad traffic. My girl got restless and started crying. He asked if music will soothe the little one and started the radio.

Finally we reached home.

Although completely tired and exhausted after a kinda long day, hot weather and bad traffic; but how this person helped make the ride smoother for my girl brought a big smile.

Thanks to this helpful and understanding soul.