When you really want to do something it happens

So last week when I was travelling I wanted to take this ferry ride which was close to my hotel . But then it was quite late when I returned back previous night & waking early seemed difficult . I parked this thought of going till I get up in the morning, actually telling myself that this one happening seems difficult. Also I was trying to tell myself that since I am not too sure of how this thing works in a location new to me its fine if it doesn’t happen.

Incidentally the wake up call in the morning came as a blessing. Initially I felt really bad on missing on one opportunity to rest. But as they say alls well which ends well.

The fear of not knowing how to do things ( in this case taking a ferry ride alone in a new country) doesn’t matter actually when you really want to do something . So this was one of it . I read, enquired from the hotel staff & figured it out to the extent I could & rest I was prepared to handle .

This is a small incident & may not seem relevant if I just look into the complexity or rather simplicity of the thing. But as a person it made me realize that if you believe in something & take the initial steps; rest will fall in place . You gotta believe that .


All battles are not worth fighting


Today one of my team member received an email response from another colleague which was quite upsetting. I knew it was not his fault and he was trying to fix something important which was somehow not appreciated by this colleague.

This reminded me a similar situation I had faced four years back. I was taken aback by a similar  email. I replied to it justifying my part and then it kept on going and going. I was also hurt that why my Manager is not responding to it.

I asked him. He taught me a very important thing that day. He said we choose our own battles and we need not fight all of it. Sometimes it’s better to ignore and move on instead of putting your mind and time at stake for things which are not worth it.

He asked me should he write something back on the email response. I told him he can write if he feels like and I will support him.  But I also told him that in my view this is not worth his time & I will take care of this situation as a whole is avoided in future.

I understood the real meaning of what my manager tried to tell me that time today. So All battles are not worth fighting. You choose which one is important to you and is worth your time.


The beginning makes the difference

 Whether it is starting your day or your career ; how you start makes a lot of difference in a postive way .

If your morning has started well; there is a positive mindset which goes a long way in how you take your overall day. What happens is not in your control but how you handle it makes the difference .

Similarly if you are able to land up a strong platform to start with in the beginning of your career . It gives you an impactful start . This experience , network & brand goes a long way in shaping your career in the long run .

Having said the above I don’t mean say that if things don’t start good , the rest will also be not good. But if certain things are in your control , exercise that control .

So how to do that . Landing job opportunity in the most sought after company is in not in your control. There are multiple considerations basis which any candidate is hired . But making choice among available options is in your control. So choose the one where you Foresee long term impact.

How you start the day is in your control to a great extent . Begin the day with activities which bring in positive vibes – like spending few minutes in nature , planning your day , prayer, making your bed, reading something which you enjoy , exercise or walk , meditation .

I have taken up one activity from above in the last two days . Not sure how long will it go . But it was important to get started first . You need begin somewhere .




When too many things happen at same time

Its difficult to control how you react when faced with multiple things at the same time. Especially when it is on the ones least expected. But things happen. You cannot control that .

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What you can however control is the emotion on how you react.

It doesn’t get any better if its not in your control . Obviously you get crazy as you got to act on it.

  • So the first action on the multiple actions you are going to take is get control of how you react. This shapes a lot on what happens next.
  • Then take a brief break and write down these too many things. Sometime, we may find some solution in this exercise itself.
  • Even we don’t at least doing this will help you put things in perspective which will help in deciding the action plan.
  • Put your best on the plan you have decided.

Break the door if needed

Today we live in a world where there is no right or wrong in a number of things. Something which I might consider to be right might contradict with the belief of others.

Last week put me in a strange situation. I ended being a part of something which made me uncomfortable as to me it was wrong. But majority had taken the decision which was shared with me after I had expressed my disagreement to the proposed action.

They had their point of view and I had mine. Could I have done something more to avoid this conflict?

In life, we take some decisions keeping in mind the interest of majority. But if some actions does not match with our value system or thought process,  we need go beyond just expressing our view. We need to take firm stand on what we believe in, else these incidents will keep on becoming a lifetime baggage.

So, break the door if needed be; if you feel that what is on other side of door is not what your life values or thoughts align with.




Why fear – look for solutions. 

It’s the uncertainty on how things will turn out . 

Be it on the thought of trying do something out of regular. Starting something, taking the first initiative, venturing into something unknown. 

Or when you don’t know how to handle something. Since you don’t know what & how of the things , you are scared. The fear is there as you either don’t have the solution to that something or you are not sure of the solution . 

The key to all this is finding the solution. No matter whatever is the issue there would be some way out. The difference would be on how easy or tough that path is & how practical it is to the situation . 


So keep looking for solution which will help manage things bringing in uncertainty . 


I know it but still I don’t do it

I know I need to exercise but still I just don’t make time for this . Why ? Inspite of knowing that it is important but still this one doesn’t get the priority in the list of things I am doing .


We need to eat food on time & sleep on time . But I don’t do it & know of a lot of people who don’t do it . Why ? Inspite of knowing it will have long term repercussions we still don’t do it .


There is no logical reasoning for this . We all are pressed for time & have multiple things to do. What really is happening out there is we are postponing some things which are not having immediate repercussions. What we are not realizing is that the long term repercussions of the others would be on your health which we are ignoring as of now .


It’s high time we start thinking long term .


What difference does it make?

The way in which each conversation starts and ends, it does make a lot of difference. It doesn’t need to be a specific discussion. It can be as simple as your daily commute to work. How your travel to and from work turns out makes a lot of difference to multiple things.

Good experience in any form in these mini journeys create lasting impact. It can be how your co passenger in the bus, train or car made you feel. Or how the cab driver navigated well along  with striking interesting conversation which made you feel connected. That makes positive impact on you and your work day.

Similarly while coming back you get stuck in traffic and feel frustrated. More than you perhaps the person who is driving is frustrated. Some will keep cribbing themselves increasing your frustration. But some may still remain cheerful and feel concerned about you and ask if you have to face it daily. And then may be share their view on the problem or solution to it.

It may not solve anything but it does make a difference. By the time you reach home, although you lost time, but the good experience stays with you and makes you feel better.








Take chances

Yesterday I and another lady were waiting for the escalator . To give you a background I am currently operating from a new location where there are more than regular rush hours in the escalator & most  of the time it doesn’t stop at my floor due to reaching full capacity. 

So we were waiting & then came an escalator which was actually going up but was empty. We still got inside & then observed that it was ready to go down. Both of us smiled at each other & she said taking chance was good . 

Although this incident was by chance kind of thing which happened, but the fact is we need to take chances. You never know what surprise may be in store for you. And sometimes it can be a wonderful one.

It’s one life. Do exercise caution. Do take calculated steps. But don’t overdo doing that . Take some chances as well. 


Between two RIGHT.  

I was watching an old Tv series. The particular episode dealt with an individual who was in a job but wanted to pursue her interest in art . There was this other individual who are training her for this particular job she was in. One day out of frustration the first one tells the second that her heart lies somewhere else . The other one gets quite angry & tells her how this job is  important for so many others & she is holding back a spot of some deserving candidate . Finally the first one makes up her mind & call it quits to pursue her passion. She had backing of her family & she doesn’t have any financial obligations . 

We find a lot of people not liking their work or wanting to pursue something else but due to some obligations cannot or do not take the step. On one side they are holding back the spot which somebody else wanted badly. On the other side they are themselves also unhappy but can’t just leave it as they have obligations.


Whether we should just because we have got something & be grateful as there are a lot others who want it , stop dreaming, expecting & working towards that or do we follow our heart.

So what is right & what is practical.