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Peels Got the new Address

Its heartening to see that so many initiatives are being taken to get back to moderation by reuse and recycle in various forms. Plastic being identified as one of the key areas where a lot of focus and initiatives are trying to make people conscious.

But as they say what we eat makes us what we think and who we become. When I started my journey towards waste reduction; I felt the urge to first start it from food waste. And there were two compelling reasons for that-

  1. I was and still not very sure on different types of plastics and which of them are better and which are not. Although I have started collecting my plastic and sending it for recycling; not very sure on the overall effect. Also the debate on use of plastic, paper and glass in terms of carbon footprint, single or multi use and disposal mechanisms available are still a subject of deep discussion. But yes, one thing which is an easy start and which I started doing is carrying cloth bag.
  2. The effect and impact which you can see when you start reducing your food waste is clearly visible and motivates you to keep continuing as well as find better alternatives. Although I started taking responsibility of my food waste (uncooked or residual) by composting and then moving to dual benefit bio enzymes for select items. However, along with these two on what keeps me motivated is to find new ways and information on the edible portions of food which a lot of us are not using due to lack of awareness. I now use some of the vegetable peels to make Chutney/Sauce. I am compiling a list basis my own experience on trying them out and basis the feedback and experiences of others who have tried them.

This is how I found my motivation to reduce waste from my house. Other than obviously our responsibility to tomorrow, what motivates you to keep it going ?

Race to -1


Race to ‘-1’ : Day 356 -FIRST STEP

Do we really care about a Better Tomorrow? 

Most of us would say yes but then do nothing about it.

We are so much engrossed in daily living that we hardly give any thought in making this world a better place.
Isn’t it ironic, that we expect all the comforts and convenience in future but are not willing to do our bit for this.

That’s something to really think about.  The lockdown provided me some time to introspect on my role to make a better tomorrow.

When I really thought about it , I took my first step towards “Better Tomorrow”.

I focussed on how to use each resource optimally so that waste is reduced.

The more I started reading, understanding and implementing; I realized that every single step makes a lot of difference.

As a start. A small survey was conducted to understand on practices and priority placed on the concept of “zero waste” across few friends and acquaintances. I will share the key insights tomorrow.

In some way if you too believe in being part of Better Tomorrow series, please do contribute by participating in another survey and  share your thoughts on the subject 

Below is the link, takes less than a minute.


Race to ‘-1’ : Day 358 -WEEKLY RECAP

It’s been a week since I started writing this series. Let me now share the thought behind ‘-1’.

Race to ‘-1’ is a 365 day journey towards a better tomorrow. This can be done with either Reducing/Reusing/Recycling/Rot.

One step, which can be made into a daily habit. Less is more, at least to get the process started.

Lot has already been said and written in last 3 months on the relationship of our past actions and nature’s reaction in present

Among health, safety, food and utilities, one critical aspect which has played a silent role is by Garbage collectors and disposal infrastructure- Waste Management.

This 365 day journey to ‘-1’, the route planning is in making.

I invite you, to join this journey with me and see which ‘-1’ you can adopt ? 

For those who missed the last week’s series, below captures those 7 days:

Day 358NewA

Day 358NewB