Focus on the bigger picture-I

I remember last year I was looking at the expense statement and adding up the numbers again to check where it has gone wrong and what can be done to reduce the cost. There were multiple items. It was so confusing.

Later I realized instead of looking at all the numbers I should have been focusing on the major ones contributing to the total. Probably the top 10 or 20 items out of 80 items which were there and then develop strategy on the same. I was spending equal energy on all the 80 items.

We do come across similar situations in life now and then. It can be anything identifying and controlling costs, boosting sales or output or minimizing turnaround time.focus.jpg

At times we end up focusing on each and every item whether of cost/output sheet or life. Then actually it doesn’t remain a focussed approach. It’s a scattered thought which doesn’t help much. And when it comes to life decisions, it becomes even more important as it’s not easy to quantify things in life.

One thing however which is quantifiable and equally available to all is TIME.

Before writing this post I was actually trying figure out where I was spending my time. How to make time for other activities I was trying to do. So I started making my list and got stuck there. Although I was pretty quick initially in figuring out certain areas where I can save time spent but those were not helping much. I later realized that bigger picture was something else only and needed my attention.


This is no different then 80-20 pareto rule. It applies equally to business and our daily lives. These are simple things we all know but at times don’t apply or may be apply and forget. So lets start applying it and focus on bigger picture.