Between two RIGHT.  

I was watching an old Tv series. The particular episode dealt with an individual who was in a job but wanted to pursue her interest in art . There was this other individual who are training her for this particular job she was in. One day out of frustration the first one tells the second that her heart lies somewhere else . The other one gets quite angry & tells her how this job is  important for so many others & she is holding back a spot of some deserving candidate . Finally the first one makes up her mind & call it quits to pursue her passion. She had backing of her family & she doesn’t have any financial obligations . 

We find a lot of people not liking their work or wanting to pursue something else but due to some obligations cannot or do not take the step. On one side they are holding back the spot which somebody else wanted badly. On the other side they are themselves also unhappy but can’t just leave it as they have obligations.


Whether we should just because we have got something & be grateful as there are a lot others who want it , stop dreaming, expecting & working towards that or do we follow our heart.

So what is right & what is practical.