Small pockets of satisfaction 

Is right or  is it wrong to dream ? To think sky is the limit and thus have expectations .  It’s true that if we can manage our expectations well everything else falls in place. But aren’t these two extremes . On one side imagination without boundaries is encouraged & on other we are indirectly restricting  the imagination . 

So there was this phase of life which based on some preconceptions was expected to be the best of the times. But somehow events did not turn that way. In fact it happened to be full of unanticipated challenges . And everything seemed difficult & cluttered. Trying was not helping much . Finally it had to stop somewhere. 

So there came this intervention in form of a push from certain tasks I was required to mandatorily do . And this mandatory task forced me to relook at the challenges which was long needed. I realised that lot of things in this was unnecessarily bothering me because (a). I had kept expectations too high (b). It’s important to forgive & forget to move on in life (c). What is crucial is to get things moving, instead to trying to do many things.

The last point was the hero of this new journey . It made me  take up one at a time manageable tasks . Where it helped was the satisfaction on something has started moving & happening for the good . It helped lessen the clutter thus helping think with broader perspective


So today when I look back , circumstances hasn’t changed much . But these small pockets of satisfaction has brought a new dimension to life which is positive & fulfilling.