Race to ‘-1’ : Day 359

In this new opportunity where each of us can exercise the power of one which is myself/yourself; what can we do to reduce the waste. Reduce it in such a way that you can do it today, for next 21 days and forever going forward.

So how do we reduce the GARBAGE which goes from each of our houses everyday picked up by thanks to people who are helping on this everyday.

I have added few facts ( which will differ from web to web but will converge to something like the second column) on our 50% of the waste:

Yesterday Today
Cooked and Good Food that goes to waste ~ 1/3 current global food production.

Some people are able to waste food, others do not have enough.

Estm time in which Earth will run out of food : 29 years


Cooked and not Good
Uncooked and spoiled
Uncooked and not spoiled




Day 359: Let’s Begin. Talking is easy. Doing is also easy when we get started.

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