20% less waste & 40% less chemicals: Journey of 21 months

April 2020 was when I first time heard about bio enzymes. Sounded more like big word and complicated stuff.

Once started doing it, realised how simple it was and how big the impact it created with 30 kg food otherwise going in bins was reused.

We all read and hear about transformations with small steps taken consistently. This was one such step.

Veggie and Fruit Peels converted to bioenzymes

Easy to practice so it became a habit.

Looking back last 21 months:

  1. Reused 30 kg of fruit/vegetable peels to make natural cleaners ~ bio enzyme.
  2. This is roughly around 52 kg less Carbon footprint.
  3. These peels would otherwise have gone to a composting unit in best-case scenario. Bio enzyme making helped its reuse 1-3 times to make cleaners and remains composted post that at home. With this the household waste was less by 20%.
  4. These cleaners made from peels replaced the need to purchase chemical cleaners. So saved on buying 36 litres of cleaners per annum.
  5. With lesser use of chemicals reduced my chemical footprint by 40%. (Next in line is to reduce on detergents, dish wash liquid and toiletries).
  6. Reused >75 plastic bottles available and borrowed without any recycling costs and still reusable.
  7. Have now stock of cleaners for more than a year for use and sharing.
Reuse Reuse Reuse – Bottles & Raw Food leftover

20% less waste = 40% less chemicals = Better Tomorrow

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Race to -1 : One step at a time


Can Orange be the new GREEN ?

Till 2019, orange peels used to go to bin at my place. But no more now.

Imagination, creativity and successful experiments by people around the world have given us various options to use and reuse.

At the same time with time constraint and busy schedules, I was lucky to have found something which is easy to adapt and continue to use.

So this is what can be done.

  • Collect the peels.
  • Take any airtight plastic bottle/ container which would otherwise be a discard. ( Soda, Soft drinks etc)
  • Take 3 portion orange peels, 1 portion jaggery and 10 portion water in the above.
  • Open the bottle cap daily till the fizz goes away or 15 days,  later of two.
  • By Day 90 you have an orange fragrant chemical free cleaner ready to use.
  • You reused the peels, reduced waste & use of chemicals and also created something green.
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay 

So can you make Orange the new GREEN ?

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