It’s not a step but entire process

Last 50 decades saw the shift from the practice of a person being jack of all trades making way for specialists. Specialists brought in focus on the skills, accountability and final goods or service delivery. So a banker traditionally used to handled entire customer experience from first visit to disbursement to final repayment. Now, from cold calling to document collection to credit evaluation, documentation, disbursement, servicing and collection is being handled by different specialists ( One point contact of Relationship Managers may/may not be available).

Entire process has now been divided into activities or roles each catering to one step of the entire chain. Each step or combination of multi steps is to be completed by the team assigned to handle it and then it’s others responsibility.

This is a good practice till the time every step is efficiently completed and is aligned to the end objective. The problem starts when inefficiency starts coming up in the various steps by focus only on completion of one’s respective role or step assigned. Reason probably could be to complete the step quickly in the fast paced demanding world where churning the maximum numbers has become the norm.

So does it help . May be in short term. But ultimately this will lead to the process not being completed or take longer to complete or quality suffers.

Let’s take an example of a process we all can relate to . Preparation of a meal which requires ordering the supplies , initial preparation eg cutting of vegetables , final cooking & serving .

No matter who is making the meal if the supplies are not of required quality or timely , if the vegetables are cut but are not of uniform size , the meal will not meet the time & quality standards & ultimately the efforts of everyone doesn’t yield the desired result . If person cutting the vegetable may in order to finish up the step doesn’t cut in the portion size required ( there may/may not be some quality benchmarks or service level agreements to be met) & instead cuts bigger just to finish , it will take longer to cook and the person doing the cooking will have to stretch beyond to get it done. If not then customer delivery will suffer.

But if everyone whether in cooking or banking or any other process starts looking at it from the end result perspective; the results and delivery would be different.


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