Credit Series- Myth on EBIDTA

“The company is able to pass on the increase in prices with a monthly/quarterly lag. They have been able to maintain EBIDTA margins YOY inspite of fluctuations in crude”.  “This company has been able to consistently deliver EBIDTA margins of 10% in last 3 years”.  I had come across these statements multiple times. Considering how… Continue reading Credit Series- Myth on EBIDTA


Credit series – 8- Look beyond clean account Conduct

If a borrower is having a spotless conduct in loan repayment so far that is a good candidate for on boarding  or increasing exposure. Yes, track record of loan repayment is a good data point to start with and give due weightage. But then also look for the borrowing pattern of the customer : If… Continue reading Credit series – 8- Look beyond clean account Conduct


CREDIT SERIES-7- Look beyond the good numbers

This company has been consistently delivering excellent performance for the last 5 years inspite of challenging business environment with multiple business events including the crude movement on which its prices are dependent. Increasing sales YOY, margins remaining stable and leverage ratios well within the acceptable levels. Further on one side rating has been upgraded but… Continue reading CREDIT SERIES-7- Look beyond the good numbers


I forgot GOOD things

There comes some situations which makes me think again and again on reason why something happened. Obviously those are during the instances which makes feel uncomfortable or unhappy. The ones in which there is no discomfort, at times are forgotten. In life's journey we experience the challenges which may not always be exciting . But… Continue reading I forgot GOOD things