All battles are not worth fighting


Today one of my team member received an email response from another colleague which was quite upsetting. I knew it was not his fault and he was trying to fix something important which was somehow not appreciated by this colleague.

This reminded me a similar situation I had faced four years back. I was taken aback by a similar  email. I replied to it justifying my part and then it kept on going and going. I was also hurt that why my Manager is not responding to it.

I asked him. He taught me a very important thing that day. He said we choose our own battles and we need not fight all of it. Sometimes it’s better to ignore and move on instead of putting your mind and time at stake for things which are not worth it.

He asked me should he write something back on the email response. I told him he can write if he feels like and I will support him.  But I also told him that in my view this is not worth his time & I will take care of this situation as a whole is avoided in future.

I understood the real meaning of what my manager tried to tell me that time today. So All battles are not worth fighting. You choose which one is important to you and is worth your time.



The other two points on risk taking and investing horizon are closely linked to each other and to what life stage you are in.

In general the ability to take risk and invest more as a proportion of income is higher in early years. It reaches its peak and goes down over the period with increasing liabilities and lower recurring income as one starts reaching retirement.

Let’s see some scenarios-

Age Career Income Saving Spending Loan
21-30 Beginning Increasing Can be increased Can be curtailed Mostly Taken
31-40 Middle Increasing Can be increased Increases with Child expenses / Education Mostly Taken
41-50 Peak Increasing Can be increased Increases with Child education/ Marriage/ Medical conditions Mostly Taken
51-60 Plateau Constant Goes down Increases with ageing/ Medical conditions Mostly Closed
60+ Retirement Becomes Zero Becomes NIL Minimum basic maintenance and healthcare needs to be met Not Taken/ Given


So depending on the life stage you are in, you need decide on the risk you are comfortable with. This in turn will help you decide which financial instrument to invest in.


The beginning makes the difference

 Whether it is starting your day or your career ; how you start makes a lot of difference in a postive way .

If your morning has started well; there is a positive mindset which goes a long way in how you take your overall day. What happens is not in your control but how you handle it makes the difference .

Similarly if you are able to land up a strong platform to start with in the beginning of your career . It gives you an impactful start . This experience , network & brand goes a long way in shaping your career in the long run .

Having said the above I don’t mean say that if things don’t start good , the rest will also be not good. But if certain things are in your control , exercise that control .

So how to do that . Landing job opportunity in the most sought after company is in not in your control. There are multiple considerations basis which any candidate is hired . But making choice among available options is in your control. So choose the one where you Foresee long term impact.

How you start the day is in your control to a great extent . Begin the day with activities which bring in positive vibes – like spending few minutes in nature , planning your day , prayer, making your bed, reading something which you enjoy , exercise or walk , meditation .

I have taken up one activity from above in the last two days . Not sure how long will it go . But it was important to get started first . You need begin somewhere .




When too many things happen at same time

Its difficult to control how you react when faced with multiple things at the same time. Especially when it is on the ones least expected. But things happen. You cannot control that .

(source :

What you can however control is the emotion on how you react.

It doesn’t get any better if its not in your control . Obviously you get crazy as you got to act on it.

  • So the first action on the multiple actions you are going to take is get control of how you react. This shapes a lot on what happens next.
  • Then take a brief break and write down these too many things. Sometime, we may find some solution in this exercise itself.
  • Even we don’t at least doing this will help you put things in perspective which will help in deciding the action plan.
  • Put your best on the plan you have decided.