Peak hour traffic

The other day I was just too frustrated that I spent 2.5 hours in traffic inspite of starting early before peak hours. But then I was late. I should have started 10-15 minutes earlier. Thats the kind of impact a 10 minute delay can make to the amount of time you are going to spend on the road. This was not the first time it happened that a one hour ride took me 2.5 hours. It keeps on happening one and off, couple of times in a month, sometimes week.

Leaving early to avoid the morning traffic is in our control, but in evening it is not. You never know what last minute things might come up in the last hours. Nevertheless in evening it’s very difficult to escape the traffic as most of the offices closing time is similar and leaving early is not the option available to most.

In fact couple of years back, quality improvement initiative was on and while discussion on improving the productivity a suggestion on this was made. So it is basically in cities when traffics are unavoidable can we have a system wherein offices in itself agree on differential hours to help on employees avoiding the time spent on traffic.

Customer is king and competition is killing at times. So it’s not possible to make those changes if the competition is also making that.

So how to make the most of these hours spent in traffic, if we can’t control and avoid them.
· Download podcasts, songs, audio books. Listen them.
· Make your phone calls in this time.
· Do a self reflection of the day spent.
· Order your sundries or read something when the vehicle is not moving only, although would not want that situation to arise too often.
· Do palming and relax your eyes. Do wrist movement and toe movements.
· Click photos of the surroundings.

The above is just the indicative list which I thought of. You can add yours.


Sunday at 8

It’s the Sunday morning . One of the best of the seven days when you are not in rush like the week days . You can snooze off longer & wake up late.

This Sunday I woke up early at 8 am which is actually not early but Better than what I had been doing for most of the Sundays I remember .

I and my little angel had a nice little walk & early breakfast . I could finish off a couple of activities I was waiting to finish . Finally could rest & spend time with family members . I could write as well & enjoy some TV time . Could have been made better if was not stuck in two three things due to technical glitches .

Nevertheless A lot in the day I was actually not expecting . So waking up an hour early helped pack a lot for the day & week to come . Hope to continue this week week.


Choice or No Choice

Have you come across a situation when you wished not having a choice would have been a better? That it would have helped you in decision making. Actually no decision but going by what is available. 
On a lighter note it comes almost every time when one has to decide on what to cook for the meal. Believe me it’s a difficult task in itself for those incharge of this activity. 
It was a difficult choice choosing between which of the three colleges to join with each offering a strong proposition. It was luckily easy on deciding whether or not to go for higher education after college or postpone it. There was no choice & I was clear that I wanted to start working immediately & be independent. So it kept on going & time passed. 
Then came the time when I entered the phase of motherhood. Some companies give only the minimum statutory leaves while some beyond that. I happened to be lucky to be one falling in the second group giving me longer time to spend with my baby. And then as the time to re-join was approaching closer, I was in two minds whether to join back the workforce or not. 
At that juncture I did have the choice to may be postpone the joining a little further or continuing work. Deciding between career, childcare economics in current time and being with this little angel & be present to witness the interesting days & activities when they are growing up. It would have been  easier if there was no choice especially this difficult decision which all the mothers have to make.
Sometimes it’s difficult to decide when you have choices available.