Things not to do

We have been mostly used to identifying the to do list. Although many places , procedures & rules will show you both to do & not to do list ; but in general in deciding our own deliverable we focus on to do .
There’s so much to do. Endless at times. Personal goals , professional goals . About yourself , family , career , team , society etc etc .
At times it’s easy to focus on other side of same aspect of the side you are looking if it is getting cluttered .
Make a “Things Not to do list”. The list would actually be shorter & you can focus on it like-
  • Not to eat junk on 3 weekdays .
  • Not to shout 2 out of 4 times when you get angry .
  • Not to waste resources . Switch off all lights , fans , AC when not required .
  • Not to keep on buying stuff whose requirement you are not sure of .
  • Not to waste food.
  • Not to spend more than a specific time on screen after back to home.
  • Not to sleep later than 11.00 pm in 2 weekdays .
  • Not to reach late more than once in a week .
  • Not to go home late more than twice in a week .
This list won’t be long & you can make it focused on the key things which are important to you . What do you think?

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